Patch for a Rainy Afternoon

Had some fun with this one, it's kinda long but you get extra points if you make it to the end. This patch three independent voices. The A-111 through the Ripples filter appears first as the bass voice. The tELHARMONIC provides chords while the lead voice is made up of two different wave forms from the Z3000 and the Pico VCO through the A Mix. A square wave from a Pico LFO provides the master clock with the RCD, NAND/AND and Maths providing AND and OR logic to really mix things up. Pitch is provided by the René. The QCV goes to the BrainSeed which loops the pitch CV going to the A-111 for the basslines. The CV goes to the Degree on the tELHARMONIC. A variable speed LFO from channel 4 of Maths going through the 𝜇Scale provides pitch for the lead voice.