Tampa Bay Bass Players

A Facebook group of Electric/Acoustic bass players amateur and professional from the Tampa Bay area started by Joe Grady. 279 Members strong and still growing. The group meets in the real world at Sam Ash, Clearwater every second Tuesday of the month.

Past and upcoming events

Gigular Activity
Gigular Activity
Tampa Bay Bass Players Night

John Rogers showed up with the custom AB-4ss

Victor Wooten, January 3, 2014

Victor Wooten gives clinic at Seminole Music & Sound and a solo concert at the Largo Cultural Center

TBBP: working with Loops

This month we were free to actually work with some loops. Can you come up with some two-chord loops of your own?

TBBP Night at Sam Ash

All about Loops. What started out being a discussion of two and four chord vamps turned out to be a demonstration of loops and looping.

TBBP gets a nod from Victor Wooten

Thanks to Peter Baxter for getting a shout out from Victor Wooten for Tampa Bay Bass Players

John Lamb at Tampa Bay Bass Player Night

The fourth installment of Tampa Bay Bass Players was a much needed kick in the rear for all the bassists in the room, including myself.

Tampa Bay Bass Players Night

The third installment of TBBPN at Sam Ash was a huge success.