Tampa Bay Bass Players Night

Among other things, the start of this month's Tampa Bay Bass Players Night found Mark Moressey and me  continuing our discussion of 1-5 bass lines. We tried messing around with the bass line on Bobby "Blue" Bland's song, "Cry, Cry, Cry" which has a very strong 5-1 component in the beginning. 

Then, John Rogers showed up with the custom AB-4ss that he made for Gladys Knight's bass player. He put on the stand-up attachment and the fun ensued! We tried it with and without the stand-up attachment. Man, that bass is a powerhouse!

it took me a few minutes to adjust to the short scale, the notes are quite a bit closer than I'm used to but this was a custom model made to the specs of a specific player. 

The bass feels very nice and is very responsive