John Lamb at Tampa Bay Bass Player Night

The fourth installment of Tampa Bay Bass Players Night at Sam Ash was a much needed kick in the rear for all the bass players in the room last night thanks to the knowledge that was brought by former Duke Ellington bassist, John Lamb.

Mr. Lamb opened up by allowing every bassist a chance to play; something, anything on the instrument of their choosing (electric or acoustic) and finding out why they started playing bass. He then went into a discussion about the importance of practicing scales, chords and modes while Steve Boisen demonstrated. Up until this point Mr. Lamb had not played a single note or even touched a bass for that matter. When he did there was no doubt in anyone's mind that a true master of the bass was in the house. He commanded the instrument and the room with every note. We were then treated to several versions of Stella By Starlight with different bass players and Vincent Sims on guitar. The night ended with me joining John and Vincent in playing Horace Silver's The Preacher.  

Steve Boisen looks on as John Lamb lays down the law

Steve Boisen looks on as John Lamb lays down the law

Because he had heard everyone play he was able to address players at their level and even the more experienced players, myself included, were subject to some correction. We all have plenty to work on to keep us busy till the next one on October 8.

More pictures to come, stay tuned