GQ bass player


I was listening to my iPod at work today and the song "Disco Nights (Rock Freak)" by the group GQ came on. I've always enjoyed the bass playing on this song. The bass player, whose name I didn't know at the time played a nice tight line with a fat chunky sound and a wicked vibrato.  At the time, when the song first came out, GQ was,  to me, just another of a number of "faceless" whose music I liked but I just never bothered to look into who they were or anything. 

Well, I'm playing my iPod in shuffle mode and the song comes on and I think to myself "man, who is that playing bass on this song?" When I got a break I googled them, not expecting to find anything. Imagine my surprise when this article came up.

For more of Keith Crier's work with GQ check out his lines on "Standing Ovation" and "Make My Dreams a Reality". They are more of the ostinato type baselines that were common in disco music but the challenge is to play the same thing over and over and still make it "sing". The tracks are just long enough to give your hand a good work out. He also does a great job on the doo-wop classic "I Do Love You" The bass line on the tune "Lies" has some real interesting moves that will keep you on your toes.

All of the above songs are available for purchase from iTunes.

R.I.P. Keith "Sabu" Crier