TBBP: working with Loops

 TBBP first-timer, Phyllis Gaines playing her Fender P-Lyte
 Keith Russell trying out the "Star Bass" of the evening, Peter Baxter's Fender Dimension
 Joe Grady
 Miles Hanson
 Miles Hanson, Joe Grady and Peter Baxter
Image 3.jpg
 Mark Morressey
 The whole gang! Tito, Miles, Rick, Peter, me, Mark, Phyllis, Joe
 Joe Grady says "come to Tampa Bay Bass Players Night, or DIE!"

Since we discussed how to use GarageBand and the TC Electronics Ditto to make loops last month, we were free this month to actually work with loops (once we all got done playing Peter's new Fender Dimension bass. Man, that thing is nice! The low end is relentless, in a good way!)

I uploaded three loops of different styles to my soundcloud account. Though the loops were based on two chords, each one had it's own unique set of "quirks". You can go to my soundcloud and download them to play with. 

Everyone had some good ideas. Joe Grady demonstrated some rhythmic variations and Tito Vallejo played some nicely placed fills on the Fmaj7 to G7  loop. Keith Russell inverted the first chord on the Bbmin to Ebmin loop. Mark Morrissey grooved the living daylights out of the Gmin to C7 loop. 

What can you do with just two chords? Taking into account everything that's going on, the kick drum patern, the length of time on each chord, the vocals (if any) there's plenty.

Can you come up with your own loops? Use the loop creating software of your choice and see what you can do. Try to stick to two chords and make it so there's more than one section with different things going on. 

Remember to post here or in the Facebook group if you have suggestions  for things to work on at future Tampa Bay Bass Player Nights.