TBBP gets a nod from Victor Wooten

Tampa Bay Bass Players this month got off to a slow start but had a nice finish.

TBBP member Mark Morressey

TBBP member Mark Morressey

Mark Morrissey was the first bassist to arrive. Mark has been regular and has shown incredible improvement through diligent practice. He did the "homework" assignment and came up with a bass line for the 12 bar blues that was posted on the TBBP Soundcloud account. He referenced the Chuck Berry tune "No Particular Place to Go" in the creation of his bass line. Steve and I were on hand with suggestions for Mark and we worked thru some of them.

Steve then demonstrated the Sting/Police inspired line he created for the reggae and the Chuck Rainey inspired line he created for the R&B clips.

More bassists started coming in and we worked with Mark on creating a line for the hard rock clip. 

Peter Baxter, who just got back from attending Victor Wooten's two day Jam Camp  arrived with his computer and showed us the video below in which Victor Wooten gives a shout-out to several TBBP members, an admonition to "keep makin' it funky" and a special shout to Steve Boisen and me! I must say, I felt like Steve Martin in The Jerk when he saw his name in the phonebook for the first time. Let's see, we had a master-class with former Duke Ellington bassist John Lamb last month and we get an endorsement from Victor Wooten this month, I'd say Tampa Bay Bass Players is a "legit" group :-)